Most location with Electronic Data Interchange

Implementation of an EDI system has benefits when you are creating/sending purchase orders, advanced shipment notifications, or automatic invoicing.Several immediate advantages can be realized by exchanging documents electronically here are a few:


Information moving between computers moves more rapidly, and with little or no human intervention. Integrating these data flows directly into the accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system speeds up the processing of orders, picking, packing, shipping, invoicing, etc. even more!


Information that passes directly between computers without having to be re-entered eliminates the chance of data entry errors. There is almost no chance that the receiving computer will invert digits or add an extra digit.


The cost of sending an electronic document is not a great deal more than regular first class postage. Add to that the reductions in cost afforded by eliminating the re-keying of data, human handling, routing, and delivery. The net result is a substantial reduction in the cost of a transaction.